timber mill

Batemans Bay NSW

The timber industry has a long history on the south coast of New South Wales which started in the 1840's when convict labour was used to cut and haul logs. The first sawmill was constructed in Batemans Bay in 1858 and by 1883 there were thirteen sawmills operating in the area.

dairy factory

Murwillumbah NSW

In 2013 the last remaining building was carefully dismantled for salvage due to the high quality of the timber used in its construction. The timber salvaged from the Norco site was predominately spotted gum, blackbutt and ironbark in prime condition, well suited to high quality joinery and flooring. The timber was carefully processed to remove nails and bolts so that it can be used again, allowing a piece of Murwillumbah and Norco history to live on.

mater children’s hospital

Brisbane QLD

Established in 1906, Mater expanded its services to include the Children’s Hospital in 1931. In 2014 the Children’s department temporarily relocated while the aging buildings are dismantled making way for modern facilities to be constructed. The timber salvaged consists of ironbark, spotted gum, blackbutt, mahogany and kauri.