Our timber is salvaged from a wide range of locations from Victoria through to Queensland and often includes species like blackbutt, spotted gum, mahogany, messmate, ironbark and tallowwood.

Using recycled timber for flooring and joinery brings beauty, warmth and unique character to be seen by anyone who visits. Joinery boards can be used to create furniture, benchtops, feature beams, posts, shelves, doors or anything else and can be supplied rough sawn or dressed to size.


Our recycled timber flooring capture the beauty and history of recycled timber while maintaining the quality finish you expect of a new timber floor. In order to achieve this quality finish, salvaged structural timber is re-milled to produce all of our solid timber flooring.

All of our solid timber flooring has been designed for versatility so it can be installed over particleboard, plywood, timber, concrete and acoustic underlay. We manufacture a premium 14mm overlay as well as a standard 12mm in species that range from blond timbers to deep rich browns and reds.

As we manufacture all of our products we are able to match flooring with joinery items like stairs and benchtops for consistency throughout projects of any size.

benchtops & stairs

Recycled timber benchtops and stairs make a great addition to any home, retail or commercial space. Our benchtops are made to order in both standard and custom sizes and can be matched with other joinery or flooring that we produce. With capacity of up to 6100x1250x140mm we can build a benchtop to suit almost any application.

Our timber stair treads, risers and stringers are also made to order in both standard and custom sizes. In addition to solid stair timber we specialise in design and fabrication of 19mm skins for retrofitting over existing MDF, particleboard or timber staircases. These can also be matched to any of our flooring, benchtops or other joinery timbers.